Welcome to the Wedgetail documentation. If you encounter any problems when using Wedgetail, have a look at the troubleshooting guide, raise an issue on GitHub.

What is Wedgetail?

Wedgetail is a small and simple profiler. It’s focus is to provide timing information for a large
number of invocations of the same function. This allows you to derive meaningful statistics of the
performance of that function.

Wedgetail is added to your tests, and can help you ensure you’re not adding code that is dramatically
slowing down your app or module.


It only takes a few minutes to set up Wedgtail. If you encounter a problem and can’t find the solution here, please submit a GitHub issue and I’ll try to solve it.


NodeJS 9.5.0 and up.

Wedgetail relies on the implementation from perf_hooks. It’s designed to test
NodeJS modules. If you want to help add support for browser functions submit a GitHub issue or pull request.

Install Wedgetail

Install wedgetail to your devDependencies.

$ npm install --save-dev wedgetail
$ yarn add -D wedgetail